About us

ALFA-PLAST is a market leader in processing of polymer materials in Republic of Moldova. The firm utilizes modern technologies and successfully perfects them. More than 30 qualified specialists are working in the company.  
ALFA-PLAST is producing plastic articles in a wide range of colors, types and dimensions, what contributes to their successful utilization in different domains and prescriptions.  
  ALFA-PLAST produces plastic products of national demand. This production is standardized, possessing the certificates of concordance and hygiene. We always tend to reach the highest quality at the lower price then for the imported analogues. In accordance with the client's requirements, the articles are produced in conformity with concrete preferences. By consumer's demand there is possible to apply individual logos on the articles.
CLIENTS OF ALFA-PLAST, appreciate the true value of the possibility and perspectives to collaborate with our company. We are glad to offer you a large assortment of household goods. By our company is functioning a wholesale storage, where is possible to buy our production wares without trade price addition.  
You are always welcome at our company!